One Person's Junk is Another Person's Treasure

Some people love going to yard sales, antique shops and second-hand stores looking for new items that they can take and make new again. You’ve seen the shows where people have found old, broken-down things and restored them to something awe inspiring and beautiful. It’s as if the person who discarded the piece couldn’t see the hidden beauty of a treasure that they let go.

So, too, are we that treasure that someone may have tossed to the side not seeing the radiance and glory that we possess. We are perfect for somebody! Someone may have missed your grandeur and shine, but someone else will come along and snatch you up – elated that they’ve found their treasure.

When you’re second guessing yourself and doubting how great and glorious you really are, remember that the one who has that keen eye will one day spot you and thank the heavens that you were right there for them to claim as their own. Each of us has a uniqueness and radiant quality that we may often forget, but someone will see and be reminded that they have found their perfect in you.

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