Imitation is the Best Flattery

There will be plenty of people who will come into your life and try to one-up you as much as they can. There will always be those people who watch what you say and do and then try to be better than you at the same thing you’ve already mastered. Don’t be offended when you come across those people as they may imitate you, but they will never be able to duplicate you – they can try all they like but they just don’t have your swag.

It may be annoying at first to know that there is someone whose sole energy is to try to do everything you do better just because they like to take credit or need to be the center of attention. Understand that those people run out of umph long before you do because they are inauthentic and unoriginal.

Keep walking your walk and talking your talk as it is a part of your personal swag that has been grown and cultivated over many years of your experiences and trials. What you say and do is rooted in what you think and believe sprinkled with how you carry yourself and how well you can do what you do. People will always look at you and try to do you a little better, but rest assured that in their greatest attempts to be better than you, they will never come close because they are lacking the main ingredient to your greatness – your sauce or swag. Many can try but no one can touch your bold, unapologetic, bad-ass, watch-me-work-it attitude that sets you apart and gives your life that zeal that cannot be duplicated!

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