Bearing Your Soul

With the infiltration of all types of social media outlets and the thousands, if not, millions of posts that people make daily, it’s easy to become sucked up into wanting or needing the digital likes that fuel one to keep posting. And, conversely, the hype of social media and the myriad things that people are posting and sharing can be the very thing that drives people away from social media.

From the duck face kissy pictures to the half-naked bikini-clad women to the outlandish videos of people doing some of the dumbest things just to go viral, it’s no wonder that social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Tik Tok have made millions and paid out similarly to the ones who’ve put these companies at the top of the stock market. So many people post pictures and stories, many of which are laced with embellishments and filters that one doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not. So many people are so quick to share their world with the world, often not thinking things through and seemingly coming off as ridiculous or worse.

The question I’d love for the world to ponder and put into practice is If you had to bear the essence of your soul in a post, would you be so quick to post it? If the world could see our inner most being in a post, some of us would think twice about what they were willing to expose for everyone to see.

While that is an easy question for some, it is one that many would not likely want to deal with so openly. This is a litmus by which everyone should use as a standard before putting anything out on social media; however, these giants would no longer be as rich and prosperous because the audience would dwindle significantly.

It is my hope, however, that people would start to choose more wisely what images and words they share with the world because the overall view, in many cases, is disturbing and sometimes embarrassing to watch or hear. We must do better about what we’re willing to share especially if it leaves people cringing. It is up to each person to be responsible for his/her social media reputation.

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